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20 wonderful ideas for riding a motorcycle across US

What is your perfect riding idea when you are ready for moving on the road?

For many male and female motorcycle riders, they always dream of riding their motorcycles with a passionate biker girl or guy across America one day. There are some romantic things about two-wheels traveling in the US, maybe it is because this activity is full of challenges. When you plan for such a special trip, you should consider too much, for example, what you should bring, how long you should take, where to go and ride alone or ride with a partner, and so on. Now, here are several tips helping you perfectly riding a motorcycle across America.

1. When riding on the road, you should concentrate and not allow yourself to be distracted. Admit it or not, riding motorcycles are fun, but also dangerous.
2. You should have a strong will, because the US is bigger than you think.
3. Take at least one day to rest every week to keep the strength and energy.
4. Know something about maintaining motorcycles in case encountering emergency situations on the road.
5. Wear riding gears, like helmet, wristers, boots and leather clothes.
6. First aid box is essential.
7. Bring a map, but the prerequisite is that you can read it. If you can’t, GPS also can be helpful.
8. If you ride in summer, wear a cooling west and wear an open face helmet.
9. Wear earplugs to reduce the wind noise.
10. Bring a camera that has enough storage space to take plenty of photos and videos so that you can record the charming sceneries along the road.
11. Start early and end early, and be sure you have enough water to drink while riding on the road, as well as have a rest in the interesting places.
12. You can bring a smart phone for yourself to use the social media to contact with your friends and families, such as Twitter, Facebook and Youtube.
13. Riding across America is a long motorcycling journey. If you are a younger motorcycle rider and want to save some money, you can try to camp in the wild at night.
14. Don’t drink wine before riding.
15. Bring a book about motorcycle traveling which is a great idea for a long trip, especially when you are riding alone.
16. Don’t ride too fast, 40—60 kmh is the best.
17. Manage meal time, breakfast at 7:00, lunch at 12:00—13:00, and dinner at 17:00—18:00.
18. Check your motorcycle regularly.
19. Keep a safe distance with the trucks, if you treasure your life.
20. Never overtake on a curve, and don’t ride on the passing lane always.
Whether these tips can give you some help or not? If yes, hope you have a wonderful long distance motorcycle traveling in the near future. Thanks for your reading. Best wishes for you!

Tips for the motorcycle passengers

Do you love a biker guy and would like to ride on the back of his motorcycle as a passenger?

It is no doubt that riding on a motorcycle with a biker match is an interesting and exciting thing. Of course, it will be more pleasant and wonderful if the passenger follow a few simple riding rules. Now, there are several riding tips that help you to be a better passenger riders, as follows:

  1. Wear leather cloths with good quality and riding gears that could give you some protections. For example, the boots could protect your feet and ankles; leather jackets and durable pants could protect you away from scratch when falling down from the motorcycle; and helmets could reduce to the impact of the outside when encountering dangers.
  2. You need to consider what you should dress, according to the weather. If you haven’t ridden with your biker friend so far, you probably don’t know how cold or how hot it can be sitting on the motorcycle backseat. In the summer and riding under blazing sun, you will feel a lot hot; or if you ride in the winter, you will feel colder. There is a tip that wear a large extra white shirt covering on the leather jacket, which could reflect too much heat and keep you cool when you are riding in the hot sunny days.
  3. Wear a suitable helmet, tighten the strap and fasten it on your head. Most motorcycle riders have an extra helmet, which he or she is willing to loan you. If it can be, you also could buy one so that make it easy for you. Surely, whichever motorcycle shop could be able to help you pick out a proper helmet that match with you correctly.

Of course, to be a good motorcycle passenger is not just following these three simple rules. If you have other good tips about double fun and double pleasant riding, you can give your ideas on the bottom comment section.

Tips for biker to stay safe when dating online

a couple of bikers date in a park

Online dating have gotten increasingly popular among biker singles over the last few years. With many successful biker dating stories, it turned out to be a great way to meet up biker matches, make like-minded friends and have fun for motorcycle riders. Although online dating is a very safe activity, there are still numerous biker women or men wondering how to stay safe while dating online. Check out our essential tips to keep yourself safe when you are dating on a biker dating site.

1. Choose the site wisely
If you’ve never used a biker dating site or app before, then choose one of the most reputable sites to register. Those reputable sites for single motorcycle riders usually have good policies in place to protect their biker users’ personal information. Even if there are still more untrustworthy users on these sites, you can rely on the sites to keep your information safe.

2. Share the least amount of your personal information
Biker will never know who will read their profiles, so they should be careful about how much information included into the profile. While dating with a Harley rider, don’t offer your personal information too soon, like your last name, your company address, home address, the names of your friends or family. Take it slow and spend more time to get to know each other.

3. Do a quick search on your date
It is always better to know more about the biker you are dating online. Just Google her of his name or photos, you will find more or less information about your date. If you are satisfied with the result, then you can continue dating with him or her. However, if all the information is bad, then you should consider letting it go.

4. Ask a lot of questions
This will not only show that you are interested in your biker date, but also help you know him or her better. And if he or she is hiding something from you, questions will help you tell if your date is lying to you.

5. Let your friends know what you are doing
Always remember to tell at least one of your best friends about what you are doing. Before going for a face-to-face dating with a biker, don’t forget to tell your friends who, when and where you are going to meet and when you will be back. Just in case something happens to you.

6. Meet in a safe place
Choose a public place to be your first date meeting place. These places are full of kinds of people who will make you and the motorcycle rider you are dating feel safe and relaxed. And don’t agree to have your date pick you up or ride you home, in case he wants to know where you are living.