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Biker Dating Site – PlentyofBikers

Tell from some kind of meaning, Plenty of Bikers is the most suitable site for single Harley riders who is seeking for a long-lasting relationship with woman Harley riders or man Harley riders. For 16 years, the website is Constantly improving its services, functions and even appearance. Bunches of professional features and intriguing activities for users’enjoyment. That’s why some users stay on the site for years after they joined in the website even if they have found their match. It’s become a way of life for them to browse the profile of local Harley rider, send comments/winks/messages to interested ones, start a topic in forum/blog for sharing newly biker life or experience and prepare an appointment/meet with some potential match. It’s easy and free to sign up on the website and get your own profile and photo album. And some free features and services is open for everyone.


Overview is concentrate on helping biker singles especially single Harley riders to find like-minded friends or love to share the biker life with. Distinguish from those mainstream dating sites, general biker dating sites or motorcycle match marking service, Plenty of Bikers offers many solitary dating features for bikers only. These features include Certified Harley biker by offering bike driving license, upload unlimited Harley photos and bike tattoo photos, select to looking for riding passenger/available motorcycle backseat and search by bike types. Like it or not, you can only find these unique offers on this website of Plenty of Bikers. Otherwise, the site is safe and trustful for all real users. It is claimed to be the first and largest biker dating site with 500,000+ Harley riders joined and allied with more than 700 Harley motorcycle clubs in US, UK, Canada and Australia. Now we get the reason of why the website was recommended by Forbes and the Wall Street Journal.

Join in for free
To sign up, you can easily offer a valid email address, username, password and location. Then you get your account successfully. In the next steps, just follow the requesting area about your detailed information and your search of potential match. This way you can create an attractive profile and upload some recent photos to your album. Do remember, you’d better update your profile frequently. Then you will be always listing in the top of search results to get more attention from other users. Of course you can create the profile or upload photos later.

Now you can try to search your local members free of charge. And you can also apply other free features on the site. Those advanced features are available for gold members only.

Membership Fees:
There are different package of subscription to gold membership for users choice:
1 month: $29.95 (equivalent to $1 per day)
3 months: $59.95 (equivalent to $20 per month)
6 months: $95.95 (equivalent to $16 per month)

Biker Dating Features: offers many wonderful features for all users free of charge. For example, visitor can set up profile with album as a free member, then they can search and browse local users and contact them by sending winks and comments. Blog and forum is open for free. Users can send comments or start their own topic to share their biker life and experience freely.

However, these standard features could not meet the satisfaction of some users. They want more chances to get attention and responses from someone they are interested in. Then they can choose to upgrade membership to enjoy all the following services and feature to get more chance of love. Subsctiption is easy and safe. And you may stop the payment if you don’t need any more by contact the customer support. So we recommend you to choose for 6 month subscription at $95.95 since it only cost $16 for each month.

Advanced features:
Contact users by initiate email and online chat with someone you are interested in.
Hide profile: do not show profile to someone you don’t like
Spotlight on your profile in the search results
Priority of listing your profile first in search results
Become a Certified Harley biker to make your profile more trustful
Set profile as privacy
Get access to the list of who has viewed your profile
Set anyone as your favorites and view who has added you to their favorite list

Editors comments: is a safe, professional, large and friendly dating platform for all women biker, male motorcycle riders, women motorcycle riders, women Harley riders, Harley women, Harley girls, biker singles, single biker women, single biker men. Here single bikers can find friendship, match to share the biker life with. Certainly, to ensure the experience to be efficient, users must be honest, open, positive, confident and no fear. In a word, is a good choice for dating single bikers.

Join the Christian motorcycle club to close to Jesus

Join the Christian motorcycle clubs in your city to meet more Christian bikers.

As time goes by, fewer and fewer people are able to understand the true meaning of the word “Christian”. Although the members of the Christian churches will attend services regularly, they still don’t know how to connect those doctrines with their daily life. In fact, as a Christian biker, you can choose to make some changes instead of always sitting in the church. Joining the Christian motorcycle club is absolutely the best way to help you close to Jesus and become a true Christian motorcycle rider.

You can share your minds with other Christian bikers and believers in the Christian motorcycle club. This way, you can not only have a deeper knowing of the Christ, but also can spread the Jesus’s teaching. The Bible teaches that we should wash uncleanness and purify the mind to accept the salvation from Jesus. No matter what serious mistakes you have made, you will be forgiven by Jesus as long as you are willing to repent. So after you get the salvation, it is time for you to save more rough people.

The Christian motorcycle club always organizes some volunteering events for its members. It doesn’t mean you have to do good deeds or donate your money. Sometimes, Christian motorcycle riders will organize a riding group and ride together to the square to take care of those homeless people so that those hopeless persons can live a better day. Because the best way to learn the importance of forgiveness is improving the spiritual level in the service of others during our limited life.

They also love motorcycle traveling together with other Christian biker friends. But the difference between the common traveling is that they usually like to go to some remote areas to experience the hard life and hand out the Christian literature to the local motorcycle enthusiasts to read at the same time. Certainly, this is indeed a valuable and exciting lifestyle. Whether you are a Christian motorcycle rider or not, you can always get something as rewards by this way.

As a single Christian motorcycle rider, you may not only need the love of Jesus, but also need the love of your soul mate. The Christian Motorcycle Club will provide many opportunities for you to find your ideal partner. After all , it will be easier for you to find a like-minded friend in a place where is full of Christian believers who love riding motorcycles. With these benefits, your life will be more meaningful and brilliant.

If you have never participated in any Christian Motorcycle Club but hope to join in a good one to meet more friends now, you might as well visit the which is the most famous online dating site to meet Christian bikers. It will provide you more details of Christian motorcycle dating advice and teach you how to select a suitable Christian Motorcycle Club.

Bikerkiss Dating App Offers Biker One-Shop Biker Dating Service

Do you feel tired of opening your computer to search for a romantic motorcycle dating? Now there is a piece of joyous news that all motorcycle riders can use their cell phones to date with a single biker girl or biker boy wherever they are. Because the has released an official biker dating app – the Bikerkiss dating app. If you don’t know which biker dating app you should choose, you might as well try to use this one.

With its simple and easy-to-use navigation, users can quickly master this motorcycle dating app. While users fill out their complete basic information, this motorcycle dating app will check all personal profiles. After everything has been verified, bikers can use this motorcycle dating app to show their current location to connect themselves to new biker friends or even business partners. In a word, whether motorcycle riders want to look for love or hope to create a special relationship with other motorcycle enthusiasts, Bikerkiss dating app will definitely help them a lot in any case.

Of course, Bikerkiss dating app works pretty fast, which can provide users with a better dating environment. Once you put forward your request, this biker dating app will accept and respond to the request right away. Despite that Bikerkiss dating app is a new social biker dating app, there is a great chance that it can become the best biker dating app in the eyes of biker singles due to its perfect and practical biker dating functions.

If you are willing to find someone you are interested in to have a different biker dating experience by a new way, we highly recommend Biker kiss dating app for you. You can download it for free in the app shop.

Group Riding

Do you love to ride with a group of biker single for a motorcycle travel and get a chance to date a biker man or woman?

Today, more and more bikers enjoy riding in a group, since it is not only an impromptu short excursion but also a chance for biker singles to meet someone who rides motorcycles. Usually, group riding is defined as two or more bikers riding together. Of course, whether you are a veteran motorcycle rider or a beginner, you should understand many specifics and instructions when riding in a group, including hand signals, riding routes, how long stop for taking a rest and other necessary instructions. Now, here are some safety tips for group riding below that will lead you to enjoy a pleasant group riding tour.

In general, there is at least one ride leader who leads the group to complete the riding trip safely. And the wireless intercom is the main communication tool which ride leader could clearly tell other group members the final destination and the stops along the route. The safest riding in a group is staggered, which could ensure that there is a safe distance between each other. If you want to change the lane, you should turn on the signal lights in advance to tell other members what you will do. Also, when riding in a curve, slow down, turn on the signal lights and honk the horns.

To ride safety, there are two important specifics that every group rider should bear it in mind. First, make sure the behind motorcycle riders could see the front leader rider. So don’t elongate the single file formation. Second, the front riders should indicate where are obstacles and other information ahead with hand signals to the behind members. In addition, although you want to feel the thrill winds across the face on the open road, don’t ride too fast in a group since that is very dangerous. If you are riding alone on the road, you can do.

You know, the signal lights are very important, whether you are riding alone or riding in a group. So check your motorcycle regularly before start riding, especially for group riding. At the same time, remember the group riding hand signals, which are not only a key to safe group riding but a good way for communication. If you are skilled to use those hand signals when riding in a group, you will have an interesting and unforgettable riding journey.

Of course, if you are a single biker who has never been riding in a group before, you can take a try. Because you not only could experience an interesting and wonderful trip, but get some opportunities to meet other local biker singles for friendship, even for love. If you don’t know how to join a biker group, you can join an online biker dating site where is a good platform for biker singles to find love and friendships, or you can join the local motorcycle clubs. Good luck. Have a nice group riding trip.

Tips for your first biker date

Biker man waiting for her girl friends for their first biker date.Biker man waiting for her girl friends for their first biker date.

You’ve been set up on a blind date with a single biker by a mutual friend, or you set yourself up with a single motorcycle rider you met on a biker dating site. You are exciting about it and hope that it would turn out right. But the fact is that you could end the date with a new biker lover or a new friend or nothing. If you are preparing yourself to meet a special biker on a blind date, follow these tips below and the result may be good.

1. Get to know your date as much as possible
If a mutual friend set you two up, ask your friend about the biker you are dating. If you are dating a biker single from the biker dating site, Google your date’s name to find out things about him or her on the internet. This way will make you have a basic knowledge about the motorcycle rider you are going to date and give you plenty of ideas to talk about.

2. Focus on your date
You are having a blind and first date with a biker. You don’t know you date well, and he or she doesn’t know you well either. So, don’t just talk about yourselves and ignore to have communication with the Harley women or men you are dating. Ask about work, family, friends and something else. But don’t image yourself as a stalker.

3. Don’t show off
If you have a nice car, a flashy watch or expensive clothes, you date will notice. But don’t intentionally try to show off in front of the biker guy or biker girl you are dating. It will help you develop your relationship, but the chance to lose is also great.

4. Go with one of your friend
If you barely know the single motorcycle rider you will have a blind date with, you can ask one of your friends to go with you. This way will make your blind date a safe date and one more biker will keep conversation goes.

5. Have fun
Don’t let your tension escape your happiness on a blind date. Try to regard it as an interesting meeting with a friend that you have met online for a long time and try to have a good time.

6. Open your mind
You can’t know a man well before you open your heart to him or her. So, don’t go to the date with a heavy suspicion. You are a biker and you know bikers are a group of good guys and girls who love riding motorcycles. Try to be nice and open your heart to the biker you are dating and you may get a new relationship or a new friend.

Tips for biker to stay safe when dating online

a couple of bikers date in a park

Online dating have gotten increasingly popular among biker singles over the last few years. With many successful biker dating stories, it turned out to be a great way to meet up biker matches, make like-minded friends and have fun for motorcycle riders. Although online dating is a very safe activity, there are still numerous biker women or men wondering how to stay safe while dating online. Check out our essential tips to keep yourself safe when you are dating on a biker dating site.

1. Choose the site wisely
If you’ve never used a biker dating site or app before, then choose one of the most reputable sites to register. Those reputable sites for single motorcycle riders usually have good policies in place to protect their biker users’ personal information. Even if there are still more untrustworthy users on these sites, you can rely on the sites to keep your information safe.

2. Share the least amount of your personal information
Biker will never know who will read their profiles, so they should be careful about how much information included into the profile. While dating with a Harley rider, don’t offer your personal information too soon, like your last name, your company address, home address, the names of your friends or family. Take it slow and spend more time to get to know each other.

3. Do a quick search on your date
It is always better to know more about the biker you are dating online. Just Google her of his name or photos, you will find more or less information about your date. If you are satisfied with the result, then you can continue dating with him or her. However, if all the information is bad, then you should consider letting it go.

4. Ask a lot of questions
This will not only show that you are interested in your biker date, but also help you know him or her better. And if he or she is hiding something from you, questions will help you tell if your date is lying to you.

5. Let your friends know what you are doing
Always remember to tell at least one of your best friends about what you are doing. Before going for a face-to-face dating with a biker, don’t forget to tell your friends who, when and where you are going to meet and when you will be back. Just in case something happens to you.

6. Meet in a safe place
Choose a public place to be your first date meeting place. These places are full of kinds of people who will make you and the motorcycle rider you are dating feel safe and relaxed. And don’t agree to have your date pick you up or ride you home, in case he wants to know where you are living.